Reducing Food Loss

CropLife Foundation is committed to reducing food loss and resource waste by promoting highly advanced agricultural technologies and amplifying the farmer’s voice. Breakthroughs, such as precision irrigation, variable rate tools and crop modeling, have helped farmers produce more while reducing soil and crop loss. The Foundation supports access to technologies such as the development of more robust root systems that resist drought and various advancements in soil health research that will further assist farmers’ efforts to reduce food loss beyond the farm.

In 2017, the Foundation has partnered with Meredith Corporation and FLM+, the in-house agency for Land O’ Lakes to create the ‘Waste Less, Save More’ campaign. The campaign will reach policymakers and others involved in reducing global food loss to educate them about the role agriculture plays in sustainable farming. Our efforts will ultimately help farmers gain access to crop protection products that maximize nutrients being delivered to their fields while minimizing food loss.

The Foundation is excited to be a part of the global solution to reduce food loss and resource waste.


U.S. farmers are increasingly experimenting with an approach to cropping identified as Science-based Trials of Rowcrops Integrated with Prairie Strips (STRIPS). PRAIRIE STRIPS, is a research backed conservation practice that combines the innovative use of yield monitors with GPS technology to identify sub-optimal land in a field such that all marginal land is exempt from cropping. Native grasses and perennials are then planted in specific widths and margins in this fallow area to improve overall Return on Investment, water quality, pollinator habitats and profitability, while supporting ongoing integrated pest management programs.

Under the leadership of Foundation board member Sean McMahon, the PRAIRIE STRIPS project is expanding to commercial and private farms with about 100,000 acres impacted over the next five years. CropLife Foundation is partnering with a number of partners to pair PRAIRIE STRIPS with a precision agriculture strategy known as subfield-scale profitability analysis. The project will focus on the design and management of prairie strips so that the return on investment from the farm is maximized. The Foundation has partnered with an advertising agency Charleston|Orwig who are donating their marketing and communication expertise as the project expands in scope. Future activities include technology development and outreach to farmers to help maximize the economic and environmental benefits of using PRAIRIE STRIPS.