Crop Protection Benefits Research Institute

The Crop Protection Benefits Research Institute (CPBRI) is shifting its communication strategy in order to better address the attacks on industrial agriculture by certain segments of society. Mainstream food manufacturers and retailers have embraced the up selling and branding opportunities that are associated with a certain lifestyle which are threatening the ‘social license’ of agriculture.
Steve will be blogging on two platforms-

  1. Putting Pesticides in Perspective
  2. Better Food Stories

Please take a few moments to check out the Institute’s new podcast, Conversations on Modern Farming.

Steve Savage, who is the consultant for the Institute is a plant pathologist and a long term blogger about food and agriculture. He is a frequent speaker to a wide variety of audiences. Steve believes, “Technology will not feed the world. Only farmers can do that. They need good tools and society needs to respect their decisions about which tools are important.”
Your feedback and ideas are greatly appreciated. You can reach Steve at: